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Kira K.
Albany, NY (5 Miles Away)

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years old, 
year(s) experience
I started working with children when I was 13. Ever since then I loved being around and taking care of children. Through middle/high school, I worked at summer camps and regular babysitting jobs. When I graduated, I then moved on...
Start Date: Now Hourly Rate: $10.00
  Member Since: 10-12-2014
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Joni R.
Clifton Park, NY (7 Miles Away)

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years old, 
year(s) experience
I have been working in childcare for the past 5 years and have experience working with children ranging from 6 weeks to 12 years. I am patient, fun, creative, and flexible with each child's needs. I understand that each and...
Start Date: Now Hourly Rate: $15.00 - $20.00
  Member Since: 09-10-2014
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We have found 2 wonderful nannies on your site. They were such a great addition toour family and our kids loved them. Thanks for making the site so easy to use!

Marilynn J., Houston TX

The background checks were great. We ordered 2 advanced background checks and got results within several hours. Both came back clear. It gave us peace of mind knowing our candidates had a clear background and were trustworthy.

Emma, Los Angeles, CA

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