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The Happy Child Guide by Dr. Blaise Ryan, an expert in the parenting field.

How to get any child to stop misbehavior and listen

Parenting Tips and Tactics that work from the Parent Learning Club. We highly recommend this guide for parents to improve their parenting skills, especially for the "Terrible 2s"! 

The Guide reveals:

  • Common parenting mistakes that make misbehavior worse.
  • Discipline methods that don't work
  • Tactics that help your child listen
  • Tricks that stop arguments in seconds
  • Unique ways that melt defiance and temper tantrums faster than using punishments or rewards, and actually improve cooperation with your child

You can get the Happy Child Guide HERE.


Talking to Toddlers & Dealing with Terrible Twos and Beyond by Chris Thompson.

Parenting Course and Audio Book. Chris Thompson is an international best seller in the category of toddler parenting audio books.

Are you dealing with poor child behavior? Do you have a difficult toddler or preschooler? Is it nearly impossible to get them to listen to you? Do you yell at your kids and then feel guilty about it? Then this guide is for you. 

Chris Thompson's course is the No. 1 Rated Parenting Course on the Internet. It covers:

  • How to get your kids to go along with your requests more often
  • How to avoid tempter tantrums before they start
  • How to understand exactly how to change your child's emotional state whenever you need to
  • Language Skills and Body Language that give your child the needed cues to deal with difficult situations

 You can get Chris Thompson's Parenting Course HERE.


The Anxiety Free Child Program by Rich Presta.

Advanced Strategies for Overcoming Your Child's Anxiety by Rich Presta. Recommended by Dr. Angela Butkevic, PsyD

Without help, children with anxiety often endure severe social problems, have poor school performance, physical illnesses, or depression. Their anxiety can continue to grow to the point where they seem to be constantly worried or fearful - not having fun like children should be having.  As a matter of fact, research has shown that up to 90% of adults with anxiety disorders battled anxiety as a child. 

Every section of the manual is concluded with detailed questions to reflect on and exercises to practice with your child to continually bring them closer and closer to their new and better Anxiety-Free childhood.

The guide includes an Audio Course where you'll receive priceless advice on parenting anxious children, how to recognize and respond to other disorders that often present in children with anxiety such as ADHD, and what the implications are of cutting edge research being done utilizing functional brain imaging. With contributions from practicing psychologists, internationally recognized university researchers and professors, physicians, and best selling authors.

You can get the Anxiety Free Child Program HERE.


Games for Fun Kids - Brain Power Series

Train your child to think like a genius with these fun games. The games make great activities for parents as well as nannies and babysitters to play with the kids.

Learn how to teach your child in a fun way, inspire their imagination, get them to like math, read books, and spend some fun time together. 

We highly recommend this series of games for their educational and entertainment value! 

You can get the Anxiety Free Child Program HERE.  


Your Childcare Options

Hiring a Nanny

The Do's and Don'ts of Finding a Babysitter 

Au Pair or Nanny - What works for you? 

Nanny Screening Process

Nanny Interview Tips

What's the difference between Live-in and Live-out nannies

LIve-in vs. Live-out Nanny - What's right for you?

How to Prepare your Child for a Full-Time Nanny

Nanny Salary

Nanny Bonus

Nanny Taxes

Nanny Performance Review

Traveling with your Nanny

Hire a Summer Nanny

Letting your Nanny Go

Lookin for an Au Pair?


Infant First Aid  

Newborn 101


INA Nanny Basic Skills Exam

INA Credentials Exam  


Holiday Gifts 

Babysitting Games

Nanny Jobs

Become a Nanny

Want to be a Babysitter?

9 Babysitting Tips for Sane Sitters

How to Respond to a Job Posting

Nanny Emergency Toolkit 

Interview Tips for Nannies and Babysitters

Ace the Interview


Picky Eaters

Holiday Cooking and Baking with Kids

Healthy Snack Ideas for Busy Moms


Be Fit - Have an Active Family


Going Back to Work: Coping with Separation Anxiety

Pumping at Work


Work at Home Moms need Nannies, too


Early Learning: Mommy, Daddy, and  Baby Classes

Disagree with your Employer's Discipline Plan?

Creative Play Ideas

Get the Complete NannyPro Hiring Guide.

The guide was written by Carolin Soldo, President of Carolin has 2 young boys of her own and knows how important it is to find the right childcare. She has written the hiring guide for families to make the hiring process as easy as possible. Get it now! 


Nanny Toolbox THE NANNY TOOLBOXTM is a comprehensive set of forms and worksheets to quickly organize and clearly communicate all the important details related to the care and safety of your child with your caregiver - be it a nanny, a babysitter, a daycare provider, or even a grandparent or relative. 

The forms contained in THE NANNY TOOLBOXTM are specially designed to be easily filled out on your computer and then quickly printed and shared with your child's caregiver. There are forms to reflect the needs of every family member, as well as meal plans, feeding instructions, playdate information, and more!

THE NANNY TOOLBOXTM is available in a simple to download "pdf" format or in a CD version, and can be purchased exclusively at  

THE NANNY TOOLBOXTM - helping you "communicate right from the start"!

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