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Nannies and Babysitters listed below are available for immediate employment in the San Jose area.

Nanny References

Mariela M.
Mountain View, CA (19 Miles Away)

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years old, 
year(s) experience
Im an early Special Ed. Teacher. I love my job and it's what I'm good at. I enjoy laughing and teaching and especially caring for children. It's hard work but very rewarding. I run a class of 20 children, 5...
Start Date: Now Hourly Rate: $30.00 - $40.00
  Member Since: 04-21-2014
Nanny References

Regina O.
Santa Clara, CA (14 Miles Away)

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years old, 
year(s) experience
My name is Regina, I have been a nanny for about 9 years. How I became a nanny, is my friend asked if I can fill in for her and I instantly enjoyed the job, and I love to see...
Start Date: Now Hourly Rate: $20.00 - $25.00
  Member Since: 07-28-2014
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Being a nanny may be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, jobs out there. If you are a San Jose nanny, then you may have more things for your charges to do and see than you would in another area.

Many San Jose nannies love being able to take the kids to the Children's Discovery Museum, where they always have hands-on activities and new displays which will amaze and thrill all of you. The exhibits are created in such a way that children of all ages will be able to learn from them and enjoy participating in making things work.

If you are a San Jose nanny who wants to take the kids to a great place to cool down on a hot day, you may want to check out the Raging Waters Park. You will find many rides which will thrill you, cool you off, and give the kids lots of fun. Whether you want to use the fun and exciting water slides, go on the thrill rides, or simply relax beside a pool, you and the kids are sure to be happy with everything there is to choose from here.

One thing that may be a lot of fun for everyone is the Alum Rock Park. San Jose nannies and their little charges can enjoy the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, make use of the walking and biking trails, share a picnic lunch while watching the water, and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The options are yours!

Some San Jose nannies make use of all of the shopping advantages which are offered in the area, both with the kids and on their days off. The San Jose Flea Market is a great place to go for good deals on souvenirs, gifts, and unique goods. If you have a love for reading or want to introduce your charges to some of the books of your childhood, you will want to be sure to visit the Recycle Bookstore. There are books for every taste, and even books which are rare and difficult to find. You are sure to have your love of good books fulfilled when you make this a stop on your list.



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We have found 2 wonderful nannies on your site. They were such a great addition toour family and our kids loved them. Thanks for making the site so easy to use!

Marilynn J., Houston TX

The background checks were great. We ordered 2 advanced background checks and got results within several hours. Both came back clear. It gave us peace of mind knowing our candidates had a clear background and were trustworthy.

Emma, Los Angeles, CA

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