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Mindy A.
Bayport, MN (24 Miles Away)

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I have babysat for the past 14 years. I continue to babysit for children infant - 12 years old. I have nannied for 4 families infant - 12 years old. I have worked in a daycare...
Start Date: Now Hourly Rate: $10.00 - $15.00
  Member Since: 01-19-2010
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Lauren M.
Saint Paul, MN (9 Miles Away)

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I started babysitting family friends' children and cousins when I was about 14 years old. More recently, in the summers of 2006 and 2007 I was a nanny to two girls, Lauren, age 7 and Norah, age 11....
Start Date: Now Hourly Rate: $5.00 - $15.00
  Member Since: 04-28-2010
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Judy L.
Hopkins, MN (9 Miles Away)

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years old, 
year(s) experience
Work as Nanny for 3 families full and part time. Ages were 3months-8 years Number 1-4 children I love to take care children in home setting as give more personality care. Parents do not...
Start Date: Now Hourly Rate: $10.00 - $15.00
  Member Since: 06-25-2015
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If you are a Minneapolis nanny, not only do you live in a great area, but you have a pretty special job as well. When it comes to keeping the kids busy with activities they can learn from, enjoy, and make great memories with, this is the place to be. While Minneapolis is one half of the Twin Cities, it is also home to many great attractions and shopping opportunities. You and the kids are all sure to have a blast as you work your way through many of the options.

One of the most entertaining, fun, and educational things to do if you are a Minneapolis nanny is visit the Mall of America. There is so much to see and do for all ages. The kids are sure to love having the chance to ride on some of the rides, such as a roller coaster, a log flume, and many rides for the younger children. There is also an Underwater Adventures Aquarium in the mall where you can move along the walkways and see many huge sea creatures. Eating is no problem in the Mall of America. There are restaurants which will be sure to please any appetite or food fancy. The kids may especially enjoy eating in the Rainforest Cafe, a tropical place which caters to kids and has both food and décor they will love.

The Minnesota Children's Museum is a wonderful place for the Minneapolis nanny and her young charges to visit. The kids will be able to participate in many hands-on activities, learn about science, health, and history, and be entertained for a long time. There is a water chute the kids can race boats down, an ant hill to climb on, and even an exhibit which includes many habitats for the kids to explore and become a part of while they are there.

Everyone loves a good amusement park. The Minneapolis nanny will have a chance to bring the kids to one of the best in the area. Valleyfair has a lot to do with rides and attractions that are sure to thrill everyone. There are more than 75 of them altogether. One of the largest roller coasters, the Wild Thing, makes its home here, and has a 200-foot drop, which is sure to be thrilling enough for the most thrill-loving person. There is a smaller version for little children called the Mild Thing. All of you are sure to have a wonderful time here.



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We have found 2 wonderful nannies on your site. They were such a great addition toour family and our kids loved them. Thanks for making the site so easy to use!

Marilynn J., Houston TX

The background checks were great. We ordered 2 advanced background checks and got results within several hours. Both came back clear. It gave us peace of mind knowing our candidates had a clear background and were trustworthy.

Emma, Los Angeles, CA

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