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When you are a Toronto nanny, you have many advantages available to you to help make your job a little easier. There is no need for you, or the kids in your care, to be bored with life. You will have many options when it comes to providing things for all of you to do together, making learning fun and adventures a part of life.

Many Toronto nannies enjoy taking advantage of the seasonal options of attractions and activities for the kids. A place called Harbourfront has many different activities for kids going on throughout the year. In the late winter they have a program called ALOUD: A Celebration for Young Readers. In April the special event is Spring Fever, which will allow the kids to participate in events such as egg decorating, seeing puppet plays, and many more spring based activities.

There is also a great thing for kids which will keep them entertained for a long time. The Sprockets Toronto International Film Festival for Children brings many shows to the area which are geared to kids, and will give them the treat of being entertained. The Toronto Zoo is also a great place, where the kids can enjoy seeing many animals in the more than 700 acre area. They will see how the animals live, in an environment which is very closely modeled after their own natural habitats.

If you are a Toronto nanny who wants to give the kids some hands on learning, you may want to bring them to the Allan Gardens Children's Conservatory, where they will learn about ecology and many types of plants. There is also the wonderful Toronto Islands Centreville, where you can all experience many rides, and will get there via ferry boat. There is much fun to be had and many attractions to see. You and the kids will have a blast and enjoy the time together.

You may also want to bring the kids to the Storybook Sanctuary, where they can enjoy finding popular and rare copies of story books. Another thing which Toronto nannies may want to do with the kids is bring them to the Royal Ontario Museum. They will be able to experience learning about the Ancient Egyptians, use the interactive and hands on displays, and see many exhibits which will give them good life lessons to bring home with them.



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