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Houston is a great place to live and a great place to raise a family. If you have recently joined a family as their Houston nanny, then you are in for a great treat in the offerings of the area. You will need to be finding educational, fun, and exciting activities and attractions for the kids as well as great spots to visit on your day off. While you have the kids, the ideal activities to find will keep them entertained while also providing them with learning opportunities which will leave them thinking they are simply having fun.

That task will be fairly easy for the Houston nanny. As a matter of fact, some of the most worthwhile things to do in the area are so much fun that you will be learning along with the kids and you may not even realize it. The Houston Space Center is a great place that offers lots of fun and lots of learning. S  is the Children's Museum and the Houston Museum of Natural Science. There is also the Museum of Health and Medical Science to visit, and of course the Houston Zoological Gardens, which will leave you amazed at the beauty around you.

For fun and adventure, any  Houston nanny may want to bring the kids to the George Ranch Historical Park, where they will be introduced to many cowboys, the Old West, and everything western. The cowboy enthusiast will love the ranch and all it has to offer. You may also be interested in bringing the kids to Splash Town. Splash Town is a water park where you can all enjoy the water rides, relaxing by the pool, and the cool water on a hot day.

If you are a Houston nanny who wants to shop on your time off, or even bring the kids along for a shopping adventure, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can go to the downtown area for a great selection in unique shops, specialty stores, and crafts. You can also visit one of the local malls, which will have all the shops and stores right there. Shopping is something which may be enjoyed to the fullest extent when you use some of what Houston has to offer.

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We have found 2 wonderful nannies on your site. They were such a great addition toour family and our kids loved them. Thanks for making the site so easy to use!

Marilynn J., Houston TX

The background checks were great. We ordered 2 advanced background checks and got results within several hours. Both came back clear. It gave us peace of mind knowing our candidates had a clear background and were trustworthy.

Emma, Los Angeles, CA

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