offers 4 types of best-in-class Background Checks for your Peace of Mind. 

At, we don't cut corners. We believe that conducting an in-depth nanny or babysitter review is an essential part of hiring the right caregiver. We have done extensive research on the best background check options on the market and are able to offer our users Best-in-Class Background Checks provided by Acxiom, the leader in background check services.

Access Background Checks for Free

When a nanny or babysitter has a background check on file you can request access to it for free. You can also offer to purchase background check(s) for a nanny or babysitter.

Basic Background CheckBasic Background Check   Advanced Background CheckAdvanced Background Check

Education VerificationEducation Verification        Employment VerificationEmployment Verification 

Basic Background CheckBasic Background Check $9.99                                         

NannyPro's Basic Background Check includes a Social Security Number Verification, National Criminal Records Search, and Sex Offender Registry Search.

Information in the national criminal record file is compiled from a variety of sources containing more than 600 million criminal record files from 50 states including:

  • Local law enforcement
  • Statewide criminal record repositories
  • State department of correction records
  • State parole and probation records
  • Local public record sources
  • State sex offender registries and other state agencies.

Please note that National Criminal Records Searches are not real-time. Databases used in National Criminal Records Searches may only be updated periodically and may, therefore, miss or omit recent criminal record charges. NannyPro recommends this type of search as a first step in your screening process. The final step should include the Advanced Background Check, which provides real-time information. 

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Advanced Background CheckAdvanced Background Check $49.99                                           

NannyPro's Advanced Background Check is the most comprehensive search method for conducting criminal background checks with real time information. It includes a Social Security Number Verification, unlimited life County Criminal Records Search by all maiden names and aliases, and Sex Offender Registry Search. The County Criminal Records Search includes real-time information from county courts in all counties that the nanny or babysitter has ever resided in.

This background check represents the most comprehensive search method for conducting criminal background checks and has the following advantages:

  • Real time information from the county level
  • Unlimited counties are searched according to the address history of the nanny or babysitter
  • All names (alias / maiden names) are searched

The Advanced Background Check uses the Social Security Number Trace in conjunction with county criminal record searches to significantly increase "hit" or record ratios by revealing residences that may have been intentionally undisclosed by a nanny or babysitter.

Our background check provider Acxiom performs all of its county criminal record searches real time/in person. Acxiom also developed a real time connection into county courts through proprietary technology. In certain counties, Acxiom has a direct feed of information that allows real-time access with instant results.  This is not a database search, but rather the most up to date information available directly from the county.  

In order to conduct an in-depth background check, it is essential to search all names (e.g. maiden names) in all jurisdictions. The Advanced Background Check strategically searches unlimited counties according to the address history of the nanny or babysitter.  This process provides security in knowing that every name is checked in every court.

This search is coupled with a State Sex Offender Registry Check to complete the process.

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Education VerificationEducation Verification $18.99                                          

Requesting an Education Verification can assist you in verifying a degree obtained by a nanny or babysitter (or his/her anticipated graduation date). Dates of attendance and major field of study may also be confirmed.

The following information is verified:

  • School attended / currently attending
  • State
  • School Type
  • Degree Obtained / To be Obtained
  • Date Received / Expected Graduation Date
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Employment VerificationEmployment Verification $26.99

Conducting an Employment Verification can assist you in verifying a nanny's or babysitter's previous work history including but not limited to companies he/she has worked for, position(s) held and eligibility of rehire.

The following information is verified:

  • Name of Employer
  • Dates of Employment
  • Position Held
  • Salary
  • Eligibility for Rehire
  • Reason for Leaving

Please note that we may not be able to verify positions with private citizens such as past work experiences as a nanny or babysitter for example. We recommend you verify these types of positions by contacting the individuals or families that the nanny or babysitter worked for directly and by checking references.

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Important Things to Know about Background Checks:

 When it comes to background checks, you should always pay attention to: 

  1. Background Check Run Date - How recently was the background run? As a rule of thumb, we recommend to request a new background check if the report you have is more than 30 days old.
  2. Real-time Information - Does the type of background check include real time information? National Criminal Records Searches or Database Searches do not provide you with real time information and could therefore be missing information. We recommend this type of background check for preliminary screening only. County Criminal Records searches provide you with real time information directly from the county level - a best practice in background checking.
  3. Aliases and Maiden Names - Does the type of background check you're running include aliases and maiden names? If you are not checking aliases and maiden names in your search, you may not be able to retrieve important information on a candidate that may have changed their name.

We recommend the NannyPro Basic Background Check to limit your list of possible nanny and babysitter candidates to a select few.

In order to make your final decision in your nanny or babysitter selection process, we recommend the NannyPro Advanced Background Check, which will provide you with real-time information including all aliases and maiden names to complete the screening process.

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For more information, please visit our Help section where you can also find a Glossary of Legal Terminology for Background Checks.


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