30 Blogs on How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Kids

2012 December 24
by Michelle

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family 30 Blogs on How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve with KidsKids love to celebrate anything.  The coming of a new year is exciting and something they hear about from friends and family.  If you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your kids then there might be a few things you’ll want to think about to make it a fabulous event.  The following 30 bloggers have put together some smart ideas for helping you ring in the New Year with your kids.

Family Friendly Celebrations

How can you make New Year’s Eve a lot of fun for your kids and yourself?  Traditional celebrations might not work for the kids.  These five blog entries have some ideas for celebrating family style.

New Year’s Activities for Kids

For those kids that love crafts there are many things that they can make for New Years.  Grab your paper, scissors and glue and get ready to ring in the New Year.  Follow along with these five blog posts and see what you and your kids can make.

Ring in the New Year at Noon

Here are some celebrations that might be near you.  If you don’t live near these, check out your local zoos and museums and see if they are holding a Noon Year’s Eve party.  These blog posts include five Noon Year’s Eve celebrations.

Fun Mocktails to Toast the New Year

If you are celebrating at home you might want to whip up some tasty non-alcoholic beverages to toast the New Year in style.  The kids will feel special and it will add to the enjoyment of the celebration.  These five bloggers have listed mock-tail recipes you might like.

Make Your Own Noisemakers

You can buy hats and noisemakers and such to ring in the New Year, but wouldn’t it be fun to let the kids make their own noise makers?  It might be cheaper too if you use recycled things or items you might already have around the house.  These five blog articles have the how-to for noise makers.

Throw a Party for the Kids

Invite some of your kids’ friends over and have a Kid-friendly New Year’s Eve bash!  The parents can go out and you can keep the kids.  Or have your party in the morning and countdown to noon instead of midnight.  Here are five blogger ideas.

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  1. London Nanny Agency permalink
    December 28, 2012

    Hi Michelle. You’ve pulled together some great ideas in this post! It’s great to get kids involved in celebrating the New Year.

    Best wishes, Alex

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