28 Blogs to Help You Throw the Best Super Bowl Party Ever

2013 February 3
by Michelle

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football 28 Blogs to Help You Throw the Best Super Bowl Party EverWhether your team made it to the Super Bowl or not, it doesn’t matter if you are a die-hard football fan.  Any excuse for a party and to watch some football with friends.  You don’t have to go broke throwing the party either.  It’s up to you on how elaborate you get with food and decorations.  You’ll find some blog entries that will help you make your own decorations with stuff you already have around the house.  Besides the football the food is the most important thing about a football watching party.  You can even gauge how many fans you have for each team by making cut-out sugar cookies with decorations that match both teams.  Whichever cookies are gone first is the most popular team.  If you like you can throw in some contests to spice up the party.  Ask some football trivia questions during half-time.  These 28 blog posts have come up with some ‘super’ ideas that will make you the MVP!


Think green for the field for the table cloth and take some white duct tape and make the yard lines on the table cloth.  Create a centerpiece that represents both teams or create two and put them on opposite sides of the table.  Add some pom poms, a mega phone and a football and your table could be done.  These seven blog articles will help you party on a budget or create some festive decorations for your party.

  1. 10 Tips for a Super Bowl Party on a Budget
  2. How to Throw the Best Super Bowl Party Ever
  3. Party in Five: Football Game-Day Party
  4. Football-Field Runner and Football Coaster
  5. {Super Bowl} Who Will You “Root” For?!
  6. Easy DIY Super Bowl Party Decorations
  7. DIY Tailgating Bunting


Guests are going to probably arrive hungry so plant to have food to nibble on from the moment they walk in the door until the end of the game.  Football watching is only made better by having tasty food to graze on the entire time.  Whether you make some hot appetizers or some cold snacks these seven blog posts will help you prepare some delicious ones.  Check them out!

  1. Baked Sweet Potato Fries
  2. Mexican Appetizers
  3. 4 Awesome Super Bowl Appetizers
  4. Loaded Baked Tator Tot Dip
  5. Melty Pizza Hummus
  6. Homemade Fried Pickles and Buttermilk Ranch Dressing
  7. Bacon Wrapped Blue Cheese Stuffed BBQ Chicken Bikes {& Football Food}

Game Food

Now there are traditional footballs foods like chili and sliders.  Then there’s the order out because I don’t want to cook football food like pizza and chips.  You could serve a combination of homemade goodness with some packaged goods to make sure you get to enjoy your own party.  Feast your eyes on these seven blog recipes for yummy food that is perfect for a football game.

  1. Super Bowl Super Food
  2. Super Bowl Recipes
  3. Super Bowl Party Foods and Wine: A Perfect Pairing
  4. Healthy Super Bowl Party Food Ideas
  5. Super Bowl Recipes 2013: Touchdown Brat Sliders
  6. Ham and Cheese Soft Pretzel Sliders
  7. Super Bowl Turkey Chili

Theme Desserts

Any old dessert would probably work on game day, but why not get creative and do themed desserts for your Super Bowl party.  Cupcakes, cookies, cakes and more can be decorated to celebrate your favorite team or both teams if your guests are divided.  Find some printables to make it even easier to theme your desserts so you don’t have to spend forever in the kitchen.  Trends have been to create a dessert table at parties and these desserts can be part of your decorating scheme.  Check out these seven blog posts and pick some themed dessert recipes to make for your party.

  1. Superbowl Football Desserts
  2. Superbowl Sunday Desserts
  3. An Extreme Super Bowl Cupcake Makeover for Easter Eggs
  4. Super Bowl Cookies
  5. Fun Football Cookie Ideas
  6. Football Desserts
  7. Peanut Butter Football Dip

Did any of those blog recipes inspire you to whip up something delectable for your Super Bowl party?  You don’t need a lot of time to plan this party, just call up a few friends and tell them that you will feed them and they can watch the Super Bowl at your place.  That’s about all it will take to get you a group of friends to come over and watch the big game.  If money is a little tight for you just asked your friends to bring a dish to share. Don’t forget to have some drinks too.  Enjoy.

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  1. February 3, 2013

    Thanks for including our fried pickles in your recipe round up! Bunch of great recipes here :)

  2. February 4, 2013

    Thanks for mentioning us in the Game Food section! As Californians, wasn’t quite how we wanted the game to turn out, but there’s always next year. Hope people were at least able to enjoy a nice spread of food and drink. I know we did!

  3. Michelle LaRowe permalink
    February 22, 2013

    Our pleasure! Thanks for stopping by! – Michelle

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