10 Reasons You Might Prefer A Manny

2011 October 31
by Michelle

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manny 10 Reasons You Might Prefer A MannyThe recent years have seen a spike in the number of male childcare providers, or “mannies,” entering the workforce. Celebrities like Britney Spears and Gwyneth Paltrow have gushed about their mannies to various media outlets in the past, sparking a trend across the country. Though they’re still firmly in the minority, more and more families are opting to hire a man to look after their children. Here are some signs that a manny might be a good fit.

  1. Your Child is Disabled – Many parents of disabled children will seek out a male nanny, especially if the mobility of the child is limited. Because men tend to have more physical power, they can usually assist the child in strenuous tasks more easily and have less trouble lifting him or her.
  2. You’re A Single Mother – If you’re a single mother or in a two-mommy house, a manny may be a good choice in order to provide your children with a consistent male role model.
  3. You Want To Break Gender Stereotypes – If you’re committed to teaching your children to think outside of societal stereotypes, hiring a manny is a surefire way to get your point across. Growing up with a manny as their designated caregiver will help reinforce to your kids that they can grow up to be whatever they want to be.
  4. You Have All Boys – Boys tend to take instruction better from men, and to be more comfortable discussing certain things with them as well.  If you have a house full of rambunctious young boys, a manny might be better able to maintain control of them.
  5. You Have All Girls – Sometimes the gender balance in a household can be thrown off, leaving Dad awash in a sea of estrogen. If this is the case in your house, hiring a manny could be a viable solution. Your daughters will benefit from having a positive, caring male look after them, and your household may feel more balanced.
  6. You Want Your Caregiver to Be a Playmate – Because men tend to take a more hands-on approach to childcare, a manny might be ideal if you’re looking for someone to be a playmate as well as a disciplinarian. With less rigid ideas about messiness and conduct, a manny could be your best bet if you want to keep your children active and playful.
  7. Your Children Need a Firm Hand – As any mother who’s ever uttered the words, “just wait until your father gets home,” can attest, very few things inspire good behavior like the idea of a displeased father figure. If your children like to push boundaries, a manny is more likely to be clear and concise about where those boundaries are.
  8. You Want A Bodyguard – By nature, a man is more of a visual deterrent against violent crime than a young woman. Whether they’re walking to school or playing in a nearby park, being accompanied by a male caregiver can be enough to ward off potentially harmful situations.
  9. You Have Budding Athletes in Your Home – If you’re a parent to a young athlete and you aren’t athletically inclined yourself, hiring a male nanny might provide your child with a partner for practicing.
  10. You’re the Jealous Type – It’s an unfortunate reality that some women are more comfortable with a manny than a traditional female nanny because they feel less threatened. If your husband has a wandering eye or you have a bit of a jealous streak, hiring a manny may help to keep the peace in your home.

Of course, every family is different. Some people simply don’t feel comfortable with having a man look after their children full time, and it’s important to make the decision that best serves the individual needs of your household. Regardless of the gender of your childcare provider, it’s always a good idea to run a background check and ask pointed questions in order to insure the safety and happiness of your children.

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