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"Thank you for making this site so easy. I received an email from a great family the same day I posted my nanny profile and found a new job that way." Joan, Mayville, NY -  August 2009

"My teaching position ended when I was layed off last year. I was looking for a job working with kids where I could apply my skills and knowledge. I signed up with Nannypro and it was easy to find a family. I ran a background check on myself and setup everything through It's a great service, plus it was all free!" Sarah M., Houston, TX - January 2010

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When making the choice to become a babysitter, it is significant to first decide how much of a time commitment you are able to make to a family. There are many diverse roles for babysitting jobs and job descriptions that babysitters take on - from live-in, full-time, house manager positions to on-call, part-time, mother's-helper type roles where one or more parent may work from home while you are in charge of the house.

Babysitting Jobs can range from a few hours a week up to 12 hours a day, so determine your time budget before diving in.

Once you have decided what type of babysitting jobs you are interested in, it is time to match your skills with the needs of a family that is looking for you. Here are some things to expect from typical babysitting jobs:

  • Care for the child's physical needs
  • Preparing Meals
  • Cleaning up after children
  • Helping children with schoolwork
  • Organizing and engaging children in activities
  • Disciplining
  • Teaching new skills
  • Driving children to/from scheduled events, including doctor's visits & school


Play to your strengths: if you are bilingual, for example, consider taking on a babysitting Jobs where you could double as a tutor. If you are an outstanding cook, you could market your culinary skills along with your childcare skills. If the family has pets, it usually goes without saying that the pets are part of the babysitting jobs, and therefore part of your accountability.

Keep in mind, just because babysitting jobs may look perfect on paper, that doesn't mean the jobs will be a sure thing. Much of what goes into you accepting (and being accepted into) a family to babysit for has to do with how well you will relate and communicate with the kids and the family. also offers Nanny Jobs


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Thank you for making this site so easy. I received an email from a great family the same day I posted my nanny profile and found a new job that way.

Joan P., Mayville, NY

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