Should You Choose a Nanny or Place a Babysitter Wanted Ad?

Trying to decide who is going to be responsible for childcare when you're unable to can be very difficult. Most parents really don't want to put their children's welfare in the hands of someone else, but they have no other options. Many parenst are thinking about placing a babysitter wanted ad in the local paper. If you are looking at in home childcare, there are really only two options - hiring a nanny or placing a babysitter wanted ad. But which one should you select?

Nanny wanted?

A nanny is someone who either lives in your home or out of your home. If you do not have enough room for a nanny in your home, you can hire  a live-out nanny.

Babysitter wanted?

A babysitter is clearly a different choice entirely. Babysitter wanted ads tend to be short term gigs, and while they're often regular, babysitters rarely work on a full time basis. They rarely look for the same pay and benefits as a nanny might, and they don't often have the same background that a nanny would. As you get ready to place a babysitter wanted ad, think about how frequently you need help and exactly how much is in your budget to spend.

Making the Right Choice

So which do you select? The babysitter or the nanny? One way to figure out what you need is to make a list of all of the qualifications that you require and of all of the things that the person doing childcare will be asked to do. While a nanny is an employee of the household, a babysitter rarely is, so if you are someone who wants to have a great deal of privacy, or if you do not have much room and requirements are slim, a babysitter might be right for you, and a babysitter wanted ad is a fairly simple one to craft.  Why don't you place a babysitter wanted ad right here at It's safe and easy.

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